DIY: Beaded Tights and diary

5am: I discover these Doo.Ri A/W’09 tights and this dreamy DIY by Park and Cube, thanks to Krisatomic.



8am: I’m slashing a perfectly boring bracelet and anklet to make my own. It’s an easy DIY, as easy as ‘sew beads onto tights’. I see no point in waiting or buying supplies when I already have something I can use.  I store the beads in bottle caps.



8.15am: I search through my handbags and find the beaded belt that popped and broke thanks to my food baby Barry. I put it into a recycled sardines tin. So now I have pretty rainbow coloured beads, black beads and muted gold beads and bobs.


8.3oam: I begin. These are the patterned stockings from the other day. I’ve been mending them since the day I got them, they’re positively vintage in stocking lifespan and they’re easy to sew and sew onto. I fear that I won’t have enough black thread, I only have one of those tiny sewing kits from my last hotel room. Please let it be enough.


9.30am: I’m a third done and thread situation looking pretty dismal. However, while scouting for more I find a couple of cute charm and bead earrings from my adolescence and decide they must be added to the embellishment. I love playful pieces. Thread’s almost gone. Oh noes.


9.40am: Eeeeeeeee! Nutella on toast for breakfast and I find a fat spool of black thread. Jackpot.

10.30am: Halfway mark. Mine don’t look like either of the above but I used rainbow swarovski crystals and smiley faces so I can hardly expect them to. Errant beads and delicate needlework. I am not bovvered though.

11.30am: I’m done. I’m bored now and my bejewelled tights are looking mighty pretty. I like this jewellery not on the neck/ears/wrist thing. It could be love. I put on a dress and shoes and it is.




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